I'm now using i3!

Through time I've used many graphical interfaces. I started with Gnome 2 which I used until the release of Gnome 3. Gnome 3 just wasn't designed for me, thus I had to explore other graphical interfaces! Tried **KDE** but having so many dependencies and such a complete integration, although nice, removed some of the freedom I had and enjoyed in Gnome 2. As many did, I moved to Mate (a Gnome 2 fork) but Mate was too unstable back then:/ I ended meeting **XFCE** described as light and geeky interface similar to Gnome 2, so decided to give it a try. And I had just found something even better than the good old Gnome 2 (IMHO)! But now I was willing to try other GUIs! So decided to try Cinnamon (I read somewhere that it was a usable version of Gnome 3 xD), and I liked it a lot! But nemo (the Cinnamon's file explorer) was quite unstable, and since I still loved XFCE, which is rock solid, I sticked with it... ...until a few months ago. I didn't know about tilling workspaces managers so I decided to use **i3** for some weeks and for my surprise ended loving it! I've learned a lot from setting it up to customize it, it has a very UNIX like behaviour and it definitely has become my first recommendation to anyone studying Bash, C and, namely, [Unix](https://encyclopedia.diogo.site/books/unix) systems!

To make it my own i3 I relied mostly on its amazing documentation which can be found at: [https://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html](https://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html). ## My configurations For those looking for a ready to use i3 confs, you can use [mine](https://www.github.com/diogogithub/MyDebianSetup/).

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